electro controls

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    Electro controls switchboard

    Hello Control Booth enthusiasts,We have received an old peice of equipment made by Electro Controls in Salt lake city, Utah. We know don't know much about it beside that it came from our local unversity. Didn't find much information about it at the archive...
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    Electro Controls Information

    I recently acquired a large number of Electro Controls ellipsoidals. I've looked everywhere I can think to look, I've found similar lights but none the same. I was told these lights originally came from the Manti Pagent held by the LDS church. They are rather large the thing that makes them...
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    Looking for old Electro Controls info

    Hi. I'm not much of a lighting guy, but I offered to help a local venue with a broken lighting system. I took a look and appears to be an Electro Controls 733C6, but I'm not having much luck finding any further information about it. Does anyone know where I could get schematics or any kind of...