1. C

    Enttec CV Drivers

    hi Everyone,Just wondering if many people have had experience with Enttec Brand CV Drivers (Constant Voltage Drivers for LED Strip).We've just bought a whole heap and installed them and they blow fuses. The published specs are three times as much as what they are actually capable of...
  2. M

    DMX splitting

    Hey all, hope everyone is feeling good! Have my Element 2 on order and now need to run some infrastructure. Will be putting new led and other fixtures on universe 2, so plan to run a new dmx from the tech booth over to the catwalk above the auditorium. Dmx will go to an optical splitter with...
  3. Anturox

    Enttec USBDMX Pro and MiniStageConsole

    Hey guys,Since a few weeks I can't get me Enttec dongle and MiniStageConsole to work together. It has worked for over 2years...What have I tried: - Reïnstall FDTI and VCP drivers - Reïnstall MiniStageConsole - Updated the firmware in my dongle - I tried to send an output signal to it from...
  4. A

    Enttec USB Pro to Artnet software

    Hi, I am trying to use my Enttec USB Pro to take dmx signal in from a console that can't output artnet, and using to Enttec convert it to artnet signal and send it through the network, to resolume and other pieces of software. How would I go about doing this?
  5. S

    Control/Dimming Adding LED Instrument to Existing Lighting Rig

    Hello all,I am working in a space that has two portable 12-dimmer racks and I am trying to add an LED luminaire to the system.Control: I am using a computer program called Isadora, which I know quite well, and my Macbook Pro instead of the tiny control console that is in the space. I am...
  6. Thetechmanmac

    D-Pro only work with proprietary hardware?

    So I just bought Enttec's D-pro software hoping that it will work with my art-net interface (CR-ANET-2). After pouring over IP addresses and setup in the program, I cannot get my interface and the program to communicate.It says on Enttec's website "Control you lights using our award winning...
  7. Joshua Hoffman

    Best DMX software MAC

    Hello everyone, I have an ENTTEC DMX dongle and I need a free/cheap software (Sub $100) that I can use to control it. I need it to have a cuestack and patching, and it needs to work on mac. Does anyone know of anything that could come close to what I need?