1. A

    Control/Dimming Eos software questions

    I am designing lights for a small school and using their house rig. Structure: Computer running eos software 3.? Ethernet connection to sACN node (pathport din) in rack Dmx from node through distribution amplifier Dmx distributed around ceiling Additional ADJ Artnet node on ground connected to...
  2. StephenParticipatesInTech

    Control/Dimming ETC Sensor & Unison control issues

    EQUIPMENT (for reference) 175 circuits with ETC sensor modules 3 ETC CEM+ head units 2 large racks (unfamiliar with model) 1 smaller rack with phase loss detection (unfamiliar with model) Unison control system (unfamiliar with model name, but if provided with a picture I can confirm/deny whether...
  3. F

    ETC Eos - What is an "output"?

    I'm looking at buying an ETC Ion XE 20; I see options are for 2048 outputs or 12288; both allowing 32,768 Channels. I'm confused by the term "outputs"; is this DMX Addresses? If so, how does it make sense that there would be less addresses than channels?I'm used to the logic that a board...
  4. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - Eos Family Color Tools

    In this webinar, we will help you unlock the full potential of the award-winning color control system in your Eos Family desk. This session will be part color science, part Eos programming – we’ll be looking at all of the color tools, discussing why each of them came into being, how to use them...
  5. I

    Research and Training

    Its been a while since I’ve been able to run a console, and I want to keep the programming brain/fingers fresh. Aside from the videos, and online classes through ETC, could someone recommend a cheap(ish)/affordable visualizer or type of software for Windows based PC that would help me see what...
  6. C

    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    Hello, ControlBooth:I am the president of the Lighting Crew at my high school, and I have been tasked with recommending a new light board to be purchased for the auditorium. Besides the many functions which the auditorium serves the community (plays, concerts, presentations, etc.), my school...
  7. Palms

    Lock programming on ETC eos

    Hi all,I am trying to find a way to lock an ETC eos file so that none of the programming can be altered. I have a SM that is convinced they know what they are doing on the desk but in preshow checks they have managed to alter my fade times twice already.Is there a way or is it a macro I...
  8. B

    MIDI controller as Ion XE fader wing

    Hello!My community theatre group recently acquired and ETC Ion XE. I am looking for an inexpensive way to have physical faders, as the virtual fader display is a little inconvenient, even with touchscreen monitors. Is it possible to connect a MIDI controller directly into the console via USB...
  9. Noah Abrams

    Etc Eos Gadget 2/ion

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here and hope I can get some good feedback. I have recently purchased an ETC Gadget 2 DMX to USB interface. I love being able to have the functionality of an ion with a fraction of the price tag. Is there any affordable ways to connect an external...
  10. Rose03

    Microvision Or ETC Nomad?

    I have quite a predicament on my hands, I am looking to buy a DMX controller and I have narrowed it down to two possible candidates. Etc Nomad EOS or a microvision. Each is around the same price. The Pros of the microvision are I would have the opportunity to learn a new desk language, its an...
  11. Rose03

    ETC EOS Admin Account

    I noticed the other day that there was a second account called admin on my ion. The account has a password on it and etc would not tell me what it is. Does anyone know what it may be?
  12. TheTheaterGeek

    Design Issues and Solutions Focus in Vision

    Hey all,Is there a way to get Vision to use focus points from Vectorworks 2017?Clay
  13. M

    Ion v2.5 - Changes to Calibrating Scrollers?

    Hey All,I'm doing a show with an Ion running v2.5 and some Forerunner 7" scrollers (powered by Apollo's Smart PSU if it matters).My ME just went to calibrate the scrollers and it seems the profile has changed? You can't wheel to the +/- of the frame and then hold down the encoder and hit...
  14. Brentgi

    Control/Dimming ETC Eos Color Calibration

    I'm running ETC Element ver. 2.3.I have a mixture of led fixtures that I work with.The two fixtures in question on this post are both Chauvet fixtures: Chauvet Colordash Batten Chauvet Colorband Pix (USB)Also, to preface, there is no profile for the Colorband Pix USB, so I had to create...
  15. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Eos Net3 RVI Video Card Replacement Problems

    We recently replaced the video card in our RVI. The dual link dvi one. ATI FireMV 2200 128M. I have not been able to make it work. Tried installing the driver to XP and bricked the unit and had to reimage. Our issue is that the dual link DVI operates as just a single output, both displays are...
  16. M_ars

    Focusing spot manually by fader

    Hi there! I'm intrested - can I control speed of movement of the spot light by moving a fader? For example, we have two precets, each one contains different focus pallete for a spot. I wanna move a light from one point to another by moving fader with precet #2, but I wanna reach a destination...
  17. C

    ETC EOS Family OSC Methods With Spaces

    In the EOS family show control manual, there is a method that lets you press any key virtually. And there is an example that uses the "Select Active" key. The Open Sound Control specification doesn't allow for spaces in methods. How does someone use spaces in the OSC method for EOS control...
  18. fluentpc

    Dmx to Artnet?

    Is it possible to go from DMX to Artnet? I have heard that nodes go both ways but I'm not entirely sure. This is for a home theater that runs off of Artnet and I would like to be able to output DMX from a basic DMX controller or PC software that has a DMX dongle like ETC Eos nomad. Any help...
  19. Drixld

    X-keys 80 with Nomad

    Hey all!I was wondering if anyone had outfitted a Nomad system w/X-keys 80?I would love to borrow that setup if someone was willing to share!I have tried to start with the 60key setup from ETC, but having difficulties since I have an 80key plugged in.Thanks! -Driscoll...
  20. C

    What are your Nomad Setups like?

    So I am looking into a nomad setup for a mix use space in University Student Union Building(Ballrooms, Live shows, etc...). None of my students are particularly tech students so I was looking at getting a setup with nomad involving a touch screen and some magic sheets so they could quickly build...