1. H

    LED Follow spot recommendations

    I might be in the market for a couple of new follow spots. I've been looking into the LED options and was possibly looking at the Altman AFS 700. A friend has recommended the Lycian Superstar 600. My throw is a tick over 100 feet. Thoughts? Other suggestions?
  2. 'thaniel

    Shure - How to Maximize Your Gig Rig

    Learn how to evaluate your gear to make sure you have all of the right tools needed for your performances. From picks to stands and everything in between, Sr. Applications Engineer Justin Boller and Market Development Lead Laura Davidson will share their insights on what you need to be ready to...
  3. Dsmagnussen

    Favorite Mic Stands

    Hey All! I'm looking for your favorite mic stands, and why? Who makes them, how much, where to get them, tripods/solid?. I need to buy a few more, and I have had Onstage, and a couple of other makers, but I wanted to get your input on what you like.Thank you all!!Doug
  4. TNasty

    What personal equipment do you have?

    We all have some equipment we can proudly (and sometimes not proudly) call ours. Whether it's a nice microphone, interesting sound board, miniature lighting console, some cheap Chinese rip-off of something, or some neat piece of equipment, just about everybody has something.So my question to...
  5. Stevens R. Miller

    What are some typical rental costs for sound and lighting gear?

    A group I am working with is considering the old "rental vs. buy" question, but none of us really knows what it costs to rent sound and light gear. Looking around on the Web, it seems that the almost universal practice for providers of rental gear is to respond to a potential customer's e-mail...
  6. Chuck Reece

    Rosco DMX Irises Jamming

    Hi All,Recently 5 of my 6 Rosco DMX Irises, being used in 750w Source 4 units in Mode 1, have been seizing up, jamming in place and making a lovely grinding noise. When I go turn the silver knob on the back of the irises, they work for the day, but tend to stay the problem over again after...
  7. G

    Loudspeakers Portable PA Suggestions?

    Hi All,I am looking for a Portable PA system easy for students and faculty to set up and use for outdoor announcements and lunch music etc.I need something in loud enough for 200 people outdoor as well as possibly having 2 wireless microphones built in.My budget is around $1000 to $1500...