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  1. Hugtrain

    Control/Dimming Convert standard house dimmer to ETC Paradigm or equivalent?

    Hello there.I am wondering if it is possible to convert switches to a system like paradigm or an equivalent house light system.Whoever built this theater definitely did not consult anybody related to theater at all. No tech booth, tiny wing space, no way to cross to the other wing, and also...
  2. A

    Control/Dimming Trouble with Non Responsive Lighting Control

    Hello all,I am having trouble sorting out the cause of a failure in my lighting rig. I am new to this venue and have limited documentation on the infrastructure. We have had problems with a single Leprecon DMX Pack with power distribution from an ETC Sensor + to power non-LED instruments. Most...
  3. Thoms

    Control/Dimming Wiring Lights to ETC D20 Dimmer Questions

    Hello all,I plan to wire some general house lights to D20 dimmers for my upcoming show, I know how to wire it no problem the one question I have is, is there a maximum number of bulbs I could put on on channel of a D20 dimmer, what is the max if I say was putting 120v 50watt bulbs in...
  4. Rose03

    Lycian Xenon Spot On Dimmer

    I found a Lycan Miget HP on a dimmer. Is this ok to do? It is running off an ETC Cem3 dimmer, the level for the spotlight was set from the dimmer's cpu, not the desk.