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  1. OscarMelectrified

    LED House Lighting Upgrades

    Hello everyone I am here to ask anyone who has had an experience upgrading their House Lighting from Unison/Lutron systems using fluorescent tubes into an LED based house lighting. There is a potential upgrade for next year and I want to know more about the various systems there are nowadays. I...
  2. W

    Control/Dimming Is my CEM Classic behaving normally?

    Hey guys,I'm working in a TV studio with a few seperate spaces that are all controlled by their own sensor classic dimmer rack. We're not using ETCNet, and don't have any distribution between these spaces.The problem(?) I'm seeing is that the cooling fan never shuts off after loss of control...
  3. Grant Strain

    Control/Dimming Issues with Dimming

    Hey everyone,I've been designing in a new space for a few months, and over that time, i've gone from 4 dimmers not dimming properly, to in excess of 8. The issue is that all the standard fixtures I have (ETC Source4, S4 PAR, Strand 6xX, Altman 6xX) will go to about 60% when I brung the...
  4. L

    Loss of Rig

    As we were focusing lights, all lights flickered out, then came back on again. The whole rig was out. Down time was about 30 seconds. Then after that, lights flickered on and off twice over the course of the next thirty seconds or so. Not response to RFR or RVI. We didn't do any board stuff...
  5. R

    Connecting dimmer to board

    Hello,I'm having a bit of a problem with some of my dimmers.. I work in a black box theater, where all the dimmers are ETC SmartBar's that are daisy chained together to an ETC SmartFade. There's a problem now, however, where some of the bar's (but not all) are not working. Not working meaning...