etc express

  1. Cineruss

    ETC Express no submaster fader action

    Hi everyone. I once posted on here about adding led fixtures to an etc express 120 board. Thanks for the help and all went well patching. But after patching and assigning channels, I can raise levels by accessing the channel and changing intensity, but when assigning to a submaster, the is no...
  2. nick_fouts

    Controlling DMX fixtures on ETC Express 48/96

    Hello everyone!We are renting a few ADJ Eco Bar UV lights for our production of A Christmas Carol to be able to do some fun effects.I have used a Chauvet Geyser with our board before, and we are using that again in this show. The way I set that up is to output DMX signal from the “universe...
  3. A

    ETC Express 24/28 Problems

    Hello everyone! I am a student at a not so fortunate public high school. We have the ETC Express 24/48 and it's nearing its final moments. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I can hopefully get this working.So, it's been probably around a month since the board was used and today I...
  4. stagebuilder

    ETC Express Bump Button Question

    So I programmed a couple of chase effects for our students' dance concert into two submasters. I pushed one of the bump buttons and the chase locked on until I hit the bump button again and it stopped. I pushed the bump button for the other chase effect programed into the next submaster but this...
  5. A

    Control/Dimming ETC Express Cue Faders

    I can't seem to find replacement cue faders for ETC's Express console (not the knobs) so if anybody knows where to find those let me know If I just took two channel faders would that work?Thank you, Alex
  6. Jay Ashworth

    Dead Express?

    I an contemplating -- because I am a weirdo -- the idea of repurposing a dead Express console as a wing, say, for M-PC, by ripping out the existing CPU board, and replacing it with something more... malleable. Like an Arduino. Or an RPi 3, with some hat.Anyone got a 48/96 gathering dust in a...
  7. C

    Strand CD 80 power issue

    We have been having dimming issues with our lighting since our supply power was changed from three phase to single phase. We have lost dimming capability at the low end.We have Strand CD 80 packs connected to a ETC Express 9648. I did confirm that the phase selectors are in single, but they...
  8. TNasty

    Some questions about my Express board

    Hey everybody, I've been playing around in the EOS software for the past couple days just to familiarize myself with some of the more advanced features that I never got the chance to play around with.So in just a couple days I'll be doing the lighting for a big event the school does every year...
  9. P

    Help with ETC Express

    Recently we have had issues with lights flickering and flashing and coming up and down by themselves which I suspect is the board (ETC Express 96). I thought I'd read in these forums that there was some sort of safe start to try using some combination of keys when turning it on. Does anyone...
  10. D

    ETCnomad and submasters

    If I have the ETCnomad can i hook up and ETC 48/96 to be used as a submaster wing?
  11. L

    ETC Express 24/48 For Sale

    Hi everyone -Does anyone know a company or organization that purchases used light boards? We have an ETC Express 24/48 that we are looking to sell since we just upgraded to ETC Element.The board is in working order, just outdated to our facility at this time.Thanks!
  12. G

    Saving a show for ETC Express

    Is there some way to create an Express show file on a computer and save it to a floppy, as you could with an EOS series console? How would you make this work?
  13. Fluxion Designs

    Control/Dimming Pulsing Dimmers - This one is a major head scratcher.

    Hello everyone, I've used this board in the past and appreciate all the good expertise here. I've posted in the past, but for some reason my account isn't being recognized at all, so I had to start a new one. Apologies for that. I'm working with a venue who are having what is a fairly common...