etc nomad

  1. Alfonso

    Showcockpit ETC Nomad

    Hello, I'm currently trying to map a Behringer xtouch compact to ETC nomad using showcockpit. I was wondering if anyone had a setup like this they're currently using? I'm having a hard time with the osc part.
  2. mreilly0605

    ETC Nomad keyboard cover

    I use ETC nomad to remotely control my ETC element from my MacBook, but am still very confused by all the shortcuts and hotkeys.Any recommendations for keyboard covers with the hotleys listed.
  3. S

    Tour hardware

    Hello, I am a volunteer with a non-profit in Argentina as LD, ME, programmer and other roles. I am working with ETC Nomad and a set of low and mid-range fixtures. We have a touring children's show which runs with a playback track. In the past we have toured with small analog American DJ style...
  4. Rose03

    Microvision Or ETC Nomad?

    I have quite a predicament on my hands, I am looking to buy a DMX controller and I have narrowed it down to two possible candidates. Etc Nomad EOS or a microvision. Each is around the same price. The Pros of the microvision are I would have the opportunity to learn a new desk language, its an...
  5. jtweigandt

    ETC Nomad question

    smaller theater may be looking to upgrade from old ETC 96 board In looking at the nomad software for a pc or laptop, I see the ETC puck is horrendously expensive. Assuming I could output artnet, and have a cheap converter to give the dmx signal output, and not need their particular puck.. Or...
  6. theview

    High School High School students designing lights

    Hello all. I am the Technical Theater Director/Stagecraft Teacher for a private K-12 School. In my lighting unit I have begun making students create a light show, along to some music for their final lighting assignment. We are working off of an ION, and so far it has seemed to work pretty well...
  7. D

    ETCnomad and submasters

    If I have the ETCnomad can i hook up and ETC 48/96 to be used as a submaster wing?