etc s4

  1. Naomi S. Gold

    ETC S4 Barrel Storage

    I am working on reorganizing all of my lighting equipment where I work and am wondering how everyone else prefers to store their ETC S4 barrels that aren’t currently in a fixture. I could stack them on shelves - which is what we’ve been doing - but was wondering if anyone has a different...
  2. lightingman117

    S4 max ambient temperature for max lamp life?

    Cross posted to PSW:,167532.msg1545856.html#msg1545856ETC Source 4 (S4) 575w fixtures Ceiling Cove = 6ft x 1.5ft x 2.5ft (L x W x H) Air conditioned room year round. The current coves have a grate that opens to the attic. Venue wants to close that...
  3. Brentgi

    ETC Source 4wrd & DMX Loss

    I recently installed some Source 4wrd retrofits. I am really happy with these fixtures and they perform as advertised. Great job ETC!However, one thing that I cringe to think about...When the S4wrd loses DMX, the light goes out. And there's no way to change DMX loss behavior.Just hope...