1. R

    Addressing DMX to SPI Decoder (Alitove SP201E)

    Hi folks, I'm attempting to control a string of LED pixel lights via DMX and an ETC console. The decoder we purchased is the Alitove SP201E, which should be compatible with both the WS2811 chips in the lights and regular ol' DMX. The manual leaves much to be desired. Reviewers on Amazon say...
  2. G

    oscRFR as auxiliary control

    Hey folks! I’ve got kind of a time sensitive question for anybody running oscRFR with their Eos device: our ancient touchscreen monitor has decided that the day of a tech rehearsal for a show tomorrow is a great time to kick the bucket, so I’m now stuck trying to busk on an IonXE with a mouse...
  3. 'thaniel

    ETC - Making The Light Fantastic - Part Three

    Making the Light Fantastic is a four-part webinar series that introduces you to the basic principles of stage lighting design. Across the four sessions we will cover the principles of design, types of lights, working with color, building your first design and a number of other topics. Part One...
  4. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - ArcSystem Navis and F-Drive Introductory Webinar

    On March 31, ETC announced the new Navis and F-Drive product lines. ETC is hosting a Navis and F-Drive webinar on Tuesday, April 21 at 10 AM CDT. Architectural Market Manager Chris Patton and Technical Product Manager Allyn Weber will host the online presentation and Q&A session. Join the...
  5. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - Eos Family Color Tools

    In this webinar, we will help you unlock the full potential of the award-winning color control system in your Eos Family desk. This session will be part color science, part Eos programming – we’ll be looking at all of the color tools, discussing why each of them came into being, how to use them...
  6. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - Pigs, Palettes, and Punting

    In continuation of the last video focused on the programmer. Maegan and Noah will talk about the various types of palettes in the console and how to record and update them. This will bridge into a function in the console called "Fade Changes" Which allows users to see fade and delay values live...
  7. dvsDave

    Getting Yourself 3D Ready with Augment3d

    For years, the Eos software platform has been providing lighting designers and programmers cutting-edge color tools and advanced control. A favorite on Broadway, the West End, and venues all over the globe, the Eos Family helps bring art to life on a daily basis with its power and precision...
  8. N

    Are you using the ETC Releve Spot? Would you buy it again?

    I am suggesting some lights to update a small theatre and as much as I want to like the Releve, it seems hard to believe it will be very useful given its low brightness. The type of theatre is exactly what seems to be the market for this fixture, but looking at ETC's own photometrics app it is...
  9. I

    Research and Training

    Its been a while since I’ve been able to run a console, and I want to keep the programming brain/fingers fresh. Aside from the videos, and online classes through ETC, could someone recommend a cheap(ish)/affordable visualizer or type of software for Windows based PC that would help me see what...
  10. T

    Can a 3rd Party DMX Stage Light Controller connect to my ETC system?

    I volunteer as my kids school and we will be having a dance coming up next month. The DJ took a look at our setup and wanted to know if he can use his own light controller (which has some chase/strobe functions or something) for the show. He told me it is a "universal DMX controller". I know...
  11. C

    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    Hello, ControlBooth: I am the president of the Lighting Crew at my high school, and I have been tasked with recommending a new light board to be purchased for the auditorium. Besides the many functions which the auditorium serves the community (plays, concerts, presentations, etc.), my school...
  12. Palms

    Lock programming on ETC eos

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to lock an ETC eos file so that none of the programming can be altered. I have a SM that is convinced they know what they are doing on the desk but in preshow checks they have managed to alter my fade times twice already. Is there a way or is it a macro I...
  13. SamSam

    Unison System - Losing Timing

    Long-time Lurker, first time poster. Recently took over a space with a 15 yr old Unison system. It controls house lights, warmers, and works with various screens, buttons, and switches as you might expect. Various presets for things that dim, smooth fades between. Switches/Buttons and relays...
  14. Brent McDannald

    Relatively new Master Electrician at a road house

    Hey! As the title says, I am a relatively new(about a year in) Master Electrician at a road house where we have about 300+ shows a year. Im starting to learn Vectorworks and Lightwright. And slowly but surely we are acquiring more intelligent fixtures(currently just have ETC ColorSource Cycs)...
  15. Capt.T_T.

    Control/Dimming Color DMX Level Data for LED Fixtures

    The fixture library on my console doesn't play nicely with my ETC D60s, or with the ColorSource Cyc fixtures I'm demo'ing this week. I specifically have issues with matching gel colors using the console's UI. I typically get around this by punching my desired color into the ETC Photometrics App...
  16. C

    ETC PhaseAdept I'm not sure what else to say but "what's the deal with these?" Nevermind. I have questions: Envisioned applications? A universal miracle solution for the plague of bad LED house light retrofits? Will there be new and exciting data added to...
  17. Rose03

    A Congo?

    Hi y'all I wanted some opinions on a Congo lighting desk. Ive been thinking about upgrading from a Mactop and nomad dongle to a real desk. I've heard Congo is a little tricky to learn. I need something that is good in theater settings and can busk decently. Thanks!
  18. IanTech

    S4 Series 2 Lustr vs Ovation E-910FC

    Has anyone compared these fixtures? Any thoughts? I was thinking about purchasing a mix of them as I hear the Ovations have more saturated colors. I was thinking Ovations for high sides, back lighting, some front lighting and for the stage wash Source Four Series 2 Lustrs. I know buying...
  19. Rose03

    Hacking an Express

    I came upon an express and a spare processor as of late. Truly beautiful condition. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to hack the desk or modify the software. Since I have two processor units I thought I'd use the worse of the two to have some fun with.
  20. Aiden Schramm

    Control/Dimming ETC Unison RemoteDirect

    At my school we have a Unison Heritage Fader and Button station both of which feature infrared receivers. I've searched online for information on the remote for the stations, and I'm reasonably confident that our Paradigm system was installed after the newer remotes were introduced. Getting a...