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expression 3

  1. Steve Butcher

    Lost show control - ETC Expression3

    Hi. We have a show tomorrow night and - wouldn't you know it - our lights will not work! Full show programmed and...nothing! Here's what I know: 1. I can activate the dimmers manually (the button on the dimmers), so that's not the issue. 2. I can control the dimmers via MPX via our old board...
  2. L

    FS: ETC Expression 3 400ch (Reduced!)

    Hi All, Up for sale is my ETC Expression 3 400 channel console that was manufactured in 2007. I am the second owner and before I bought it, it was owned by a church that upgraded to a Congo a few years ago. In short, it has been very well taken care of! I've made sure to keep it clean on a...