1. JBP

    Issues with FX fans

    I have been unable to control through DMX an Anatari AF-3 fan. The fan works manually. I thought it was possibly the main circuit board and replaced that. I also just received a CITC Hurricane II. Guess what? The same issue.We use ETC nomad. I have tried different channels in the patch and...
  2. T

    Lights randomly strobe and flash

    Hi,today, our light system (which we use lightfactory to manage) started to randomly flash and strobe and we have to stop them and use house lights- all whilst we had a full audience!We initially thought the fan had broken in the PC and was over heating, stopping background processes related...
  3. bmcewing

    Automated Fixtures Mac Quantum wash vs Robe 1000LED beam

    My venue (2200 seat concert hall) will be purchasing 18 moving head LED wash lights to replace our 2kw strand alto fresnels. We've demo'd a selection of fixtures recently and have narrowed it down to either the mac quantum wash or the Robe 1000 ledbeam.Both fixtures impressed although they...