1. Preston33154

    Fire in Grill (for "Misery" play by Stephen King)

    OK... It's a 52-seat small theatre. Minimal budget. We are producing the play "Misery" based on the Stephen King novel.With the audience a mere 12-feet (3.6m) away... the actress must wheel a Weber Grille onto the stage and set a book galley on fire... then closes the lid... wheels it...
  2. C

    Lighting Trees Proximity to Curtain Legs

    I am just trying to find out an answer to how close I can or should have 1k Altmans on a pipe in proximity to legs down on stage. Considering that we know they are flame-retardant and not fireproof. What is the generally agreed-upon distance?
  3. mikefellh

    Stadium floodlight fire

    It's amazing this doesn't happen more often (hope you can see this Facebook video of a stadium light up in the air on fire):
  4. ApolloDesign

    Textured Effects Using the Apollo GoboPro+

    Using two gobos can create some amazing effects. In this video you will view the creation of fire using Apollo 2-Color Glass, C2-0052, Flame Hot (static position) and Apollo Crushed Dichroic Slippery Ice (rotating position).We have also created a water effect using Apollo 2-Color Glass...
  5. beescores

    Practical Stove

    Hey, all. I'm trying to make a single burner on an old gas stove work for a current show. So far I hid a single burner camp stove inside the range top, and I've gotten it connected to a propane tank hidden in the oven (the stove is on the SL side of a 3/4 thrust so there's no wall to hide the...
  6. N

    Fire curtain replacement

    Greetings,I recently took control of a theater that is in need of some updates. One thing that stands out to me is the original fire curtain that has likely never been tested and needs to be reworked.The facility was built in 1976. Proscenium opening is about 32'W x 16'H.There is a...
  7. GoxBoxSocks

    Fire erupts at 'Kong: Skull Island' premiere in Saigon

    Outdoor stage for Kong: Skull Island premiere goes up in flames, no injuries were reported. There was a dance number with multiple live flame elements used.Stay safe out there...
  8. RickR

    A billion dollar nightmare

    So what did someone miss?
  9. C

    Semele - Fire table

    I'm currently working on a production of Semele by Handel at college (RWCMD) and am trying to figure out how to get two lines of fire to stay alight for at least 10 minutes. Any ideas appreciated but must be real flames!
  10. J

    Onstage Grill "Flare-up"

    In our upcoming production of Tar Beach by Tammy Ryan, there is a moment in which a grill is supposed to flare up on stage (described as "a huge plume of fire"). Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do this w/o any pyro? I think that trying to mount a hazer or fogger in the grill...
  11. M

    Flame Resistant Paper

    Hello,I'm an intern at Long Wharf Theatre. My theatre is working on a play called Lewiston. It's set at a fireworks stand. We need to make a bunch of set dressing firework boxes. I'm looking for some kind of printable fire resistant paper, but Google has so far given me nothing to go on.My...
  12. T

    Jekyll and Hyde Special Effects

    Hello we are putting on a high school production of Jekyll and Hyde, and were trying to figure out how to do the special effects such as lighting the bishop on fire, low lying fog, chemicals in the lab, and any other stage magic we need to pull off thanks ! If you need videos of Broadway I can...