1. Jay Ashworth

    Updating FW on FreeSpeak II?

    I'm heading in for the day, and on my list is doing a firmware update on our comms.I've located update files for the base, the packs, and the radios -- but they don't have matching revision numbers, and it's not clear whether I need to update them in a specific order.I know there are a...
  2. S

    Digital Surfaces Issues with Updating Rio Rack Firmware

    So I have 2 Rio 3224's and 1 Rio 1608. I recently updated the firmware on my CL5, QL5, and QL1 (the main, sub and Dante firmware). Today I got around to trying to update the Racks and I've literally been fighting this all day. The Firmware itself is updated to 4.10 but the dante firmware won't...