fixture issues

  1. B

    Fixture profiles

    Is it possible to use one brand name fixture profile for another brand fixture if they are the same type fixture? Same number of channels, all do the same thing, etc... I'm using a Pilot3000 console. The extension for profiles is .fxr. I can't find some of the brand lights I'm using but can find...
  2. ChristopherRobinJ

    Cloud lights not working..

    The other day, I was helping my lighting director fix some S4 PAR's that were not working on the clouds we have. However, as we searched for the cloud lights on our board, we discovered that none of them would turn on... We did a full channel and dimmer check. went through our saved shows, and...
  3. D

    Elektralite Paintcan Issues

    Hi! So I'm working on a show that is using an Elektralite Paintcan (yes, I know it is a rather unliked fixture but I acquired it for free). Until a few days ago it had served the production flawlessly for what we were using it for (washing part of a room in a site-specific theater piece in...