fixture repair

  1. Gage

    Conventional Fixtures Altman 360q reflector plating

    Has anyone experimented with re-plating reflectors? Did you have any success? I have some secondary 360q reflectors that are particularly bad, most of them are probably too pitted to attempt this with but I'm still interested in trying.I'm "inheriting" a bunch of these fixtures from multiple...
  2. Gage

    Feel free to post photos/stories of the nastiest or most concerning lighting instruments you've found.

    Feel free to move this to a different section, or combine it with another thread if it's already a thing, I didn't find any threads exactly like this, but I'm notoriously bad at searching for things.I thought I could start out with a fuzzy strand lekolite, every single one in the air was in...
  3. mikeydoesstuff

    TW1 repair

    Hey friends, I took over repairing a TW1 and the two fuse boards were separated without labeling. Can anyone shoot me a photo of the top board put together properly, or a wiring diagram if you have one? All my others are on the road so I dont have one on hand for reference. Thanks