1. klane2

    What do you think pf Parnels?

    I have a small blackbox theatre where I am looking to replace some really old 6"fresnels. I'm wondering what people think of parnels. I've never used them and no one I know has either. Thoughts? Pros and cons? Anything else you would receommend? I'm looking for conventional fixtures, not...
  2. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Field Servicing Permanent Installations

    Join Mike Graham as he takes us through the process of cleaning out and rejuvenating installation fixtures.
  3. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Measurables and Light

    Ever heard the saying “you can’t tell the players without a scorecard?” It’s true of lighting fixtures too. Only instead of a scorecard, we’re referring to a group of measurables like Color Temperature, Lux, CRI and Peak Nanometer. Know them, and it’s easier to compare fixtures and choose the...
  4. W

    Scenes vs. Fixtures on DMX controller

    I'm by no means a lighting or theater guy. Excuse my ignorance.I'm setting up LEDs inside my recording studio for some vibe.I have 8 basic RGB/uv LED lights hooked up to a DMX controller ( now I...
  5. nlandis

    Design Black Box Rep Plot

    I'm in the process of creating a rep plot for a recently-built black box space that seats roughly 150 and has a stage that is 47' wide (in reality, about 40' of usable space when legs are in place) and 26' deep. The space is equipped with a tension grid system and pipe grid above, so there are...
  6. T

    Need recommendations for space upgrade

    I am now looking to find some affordable lighting fixtures for a venue that can hold around 500/600 people. We have a 7x3 schedule 40 pipe grid that we can move anything around that reaches about 12 ft high. Our fixtures are either European fixtures that would normally require transformers and...