1. T.J._Willis

    What pneumatics to use?

    Hi everyone, for our fall production we’re building 12 4x10 Hollywood style flats out of 1x3 and 4x8x1/4” luan. We used to put these types of flats together with screws but we are trying to make these ones permanent and reusable, so we’re gonna use pneumatics and glue. We currently have a 18ga...
  2. J

    Lighting Through Soft Flats

    I am currently designing a set for "The Drowsy Chaperone." Using fabric flats, and LED Pars from behind i would like to create the effect of having painted walls turn in to colored windows.My Idea is to custom build soft flats using medium wight Muslin, then on the backside make french window...
  3. V

    Flat that flips out of the stage

    I've been assigned a project to create a flat object that can flip out of a 2 foot tall platform built on top of a stage. However, it has to be able to flip out like this both quickly and slowly. Are there any suggestions for ideas of a kind of mechanism I could create to do this?