1. PrettyFlyForALightGuy

    Cyc light pixels acting up

    Hey so we're working on a fairly large production for the venue we're in. We've got a bunch of cyc light bars. One of them has two pixels that flicker different colours randomly(no consistency). There hasn't been any actual pixel mapping just whole fixture control. What would cause this is...
  2. kiersplat

    Dimmer pack flicker

    I have three brand new Chauvet DJ DMX-4 dimmer packs. All the channels on all the packs are periodically flickering about every second, all at the same time. I can tell by the indicator LEDs but I plugged in some fixtures (just regular incandescent household light bulbs) to be sure.To preface...
  3. H

    Automated Fixtures Martin Mac 2000 Performance II - LERR + Flickering issue

    Hello All,I am having an issue with one of our Martin Mac 2000 Performances. The fixture boots up as normal however the "Service" light is illuminated.Once I send the Lamp On command via the Console [ETC Ion], I can clearly hear the Relay click. After a moment the display starts to flash...
  4. J

    Minimum PWM Frequency to Avoid LED Video Flicker.

    Anybody have thoughts on the minimum PWM dimming frequency an LED light needs to have to avoid on camera flickering? I've heard answers ranging from 1000 to 3000 as well as 20 times the frame rate.The question is in regards to the Martin rush par which has a PWM frequency of 2000 hz. Using a...
  5. T

    Looking for Non-Flickering LED Tape solution

    Every month, my Church puts on large scale events, each month themed differently. This challenges me to not always have the same lighting design as the month before it. My first idea is to create a box with LED tape inside and have it powered through a driver so I can control it from my console...