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    Making a Floor that I Can't Paint Black

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much in advance for reading and your help.I am working on a student (University) production and we are trying to make the floor of this production black. The floor is a trapezoid that is approx 40x30 ft at its largest and 40x20 ft at its smallest. It's a problem that...

    Stage Surface Questions

    Hi All,Looking for your help to gather some information quickly. If you could kindly help me by briefly answering the questions below regarding your venue's stage surface, I will be forever grateful!...(More information about why I am looking for this below the questions)- Venue name and...
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    Broadway Show Stagedecks

    Hi everyone, I just found this site and am completely new to these forums but have a burning question I've been trying to solve for years. We are doing various musical productions and now want to build our own showdecks for each individual production. With tracks, turntables, lifts, special...