1. WFair

    Painting new masonite (hardboard) overlay

    The time has come to resurface my entire stage. It will be 1/4" oil-tempered hardboard (commonly referred to as Masonite, even though they no longer make it) screwed down to 2 old layers of 3/4 plywood. I plan to paint both the front and back with Rosco Tough Prime before installing it to help...
  2. tdtastic

    Stress Skin SKINs

    Taking a poll: what do you skin your stress-skin platforms or 'triscuits' with and why? How do you like to attach your top surface for max hold without putting a thousand holes in your stock platforms.Our shop has been using MDF for a while, and frankly we're tired of moving that heavy crap...
  3. tdtastic

    High-Shine black flooring

    Many shows (like Phantom) have a high-shine, almost mirrored, black floor. You see this on a lot of TV specials and game show sets as well. What is this building material called and where can you get it? I used to know the name but forget. It comes in standard sized panels, Im guessing...