1. A

    Rigging for Powered Speakers

    Hello, For an upcoming show I am planning to fly some powered speakers for center coverage. The Speakers I have are JBL EON 612's which weigh 33 pounds each. They have 3 fly points, 2 on top and 1 on the back. My plan was to use chain and quicklinks to suspend these from a batten. The idea was...
  2. Kristi

    Rigging Fundamentals Training

    Hello All, I should have thought to put this up sooner! Register quick! Or send to someone you know!ISD 728 Elk River MN is offering a unique opportunity to help you and your staff create safe environments in your performing spaces! Join ISD 728 Community Education and Josh Peklo, Guthrie...
  3. bobgaggle

    Marrying Arbors

    Surprisingly, I've never seen it done/done it. Haven't found much in CB about methods, so not sure if it violates rules, but how is this done? There's plenty of material on a standard arbor to u bolt on a piece of steel, but not sure if there's a specific piece of hardware designed for this...