1. A

    Donuts Made Out of Cardboard

    I was wondering if anyone has ever made a donut out of cardboard and how effective was it? Did it catch on fire? Did it work as a temporary solution?My high school theater doesn’t have much of a budget to speak of and we are having some problems with our Altmans and a very noticeable halo ring...
  2. venuetech

    Bounce focus tips??

    A speed square is usualy hanging around. I taped a string with a small weight onto the back sidewith the electric at spike you can stand at the desired focus point, and line up the fixture with the back of the square. make note of the anglefly the electric in to a working hight then...
  3. M_ars

    Focusing spot manually by fader

    Hi there! I'm intrested - can I control speed of movement of the spot light by moving a fader? For example, we have two precets, each one contains different focus pallete for a spot. I wanna move a light from one point to another by moving fader with precet #2, but I wanna reach a destination...
  4. E

    Conventional Fixtures Cleaning lamp socket terminals on 360Qs

    Hi, this is my first thread here and I want to get some insight on the best approach on cleaning socket terminals. At my high school we've got 8 source fours with 575w bulbs in them to light our stage and pit. After the source fours were installed, the old 360Qs were retired. Still lying around...

    Drivable Man-Lift on Sprung Floor Under 2000lbs?

    Hi Everyone,We have run into a weight issue trying to purchase a new man-lift to be used on our sprung stage at The Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario. We are currently using a push-around vertical mast lift which weights around 905 lbs without an operator (19' platform height), the lift we...
  6. Joshua Hoffman

    Tagging Lights

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for how to tag lights with focus, channel, dimmer, and other necessary materials? I need something that is durable, but not flammable because these are lights we are talking about. Thanks, Joshua