fog machine repair

  1. Stone

    DF 50 Hazer not producing

    A DF 50 hazer in the space is not producing haze. It manages to trickle out at an unusable amount if I cover the nozzle on the bowl to block the air out.Fluid is 3/4 to the line. Power is 120v, compressor is running well. Bowl & filter have been cleaned. Bowl has a couple partial cracks, but...
  2. LesWilson

    Where to get polyurethane tubing?

    I abandoned trying to put my twin Chauvet Hurricane Flex machines in storage. I leave them out and fire them twice a month. The downside there is that the tubing in the 8 year old one that sat in the full tank for the last 6 months fell apart.After disassembling the unit, I found a section...