fog machine

  1. N

    Froggys Fog Vs High End

    Hey! I've been researching a number of foggers for our theatre and I've come across some really helpful threads here. I have now narrowed down our search to HE's FQ-100 or Froggys Fog Titan 1800pro for our budget. I am having trouble finding proper tech reviews on either. I know the FQs have a...
  2. Techie93

    Fog Machine Fluid

    i have an old moonlight super fogger machine. I can’t find what type of fluid it needs. My question is. If I can’t find it. What can I use as a substitute ?
  3. I

    Quiet High Output Fog Machine for around $500-$700.

    Hi all,I am looking for a quiet high output fog machine for my high school theater department. We previously had an Arena 2100 Flex from Chauvet however it long longer will function and it will cost almost as much to replace as it would to get it fixed. The Arena 2100 Flex has an...
  4. D

    Rosco Delta 300 Fogger problem

    Hi ll, I am new to this forum and desperately trying to figure out what is wrong with my fogger. I have tried asking for help from Rosco, but since they discontinued my fogger they will not give me any help. I have tried calling some local technicians I found who are licensed to work on my unit...
  5. Owen Sahnow

    I broke my Rosco Delta 3000, Help!

    I attempted to hook up my Rosco Delta 3000 to a network, which we discovered after the fact that was not supposed to happen. The thing won't work now and I really need to fix it. I checked the fuses and they are intact. I know this machine was discontinued, but if anyone out there has any info...
  6. mightymel

    Fog Machine Question

    I have an American DJ Fogstorm 1200 HD. I recently got it working again after replacing the thermal fuse on it. We were using it during rehearsal last week and noticed that after the first burst of fog, it would shoot another burst of fog on its own. Then sometime later about 10-15 it would...
  7. D Oz

    DMX Termination Fail

    My theater recently purchased a used Rosco Model 1750 Fog Machine for immediate use. I briefly tested it upon arrival, to make sure that it was responding to DMX. I then put it in its perch for the production, making sure to put a DMX terminator in (as the manual demands).During the preshow...