1. Dragonfire

    Best warmer or cooler ambient temperature for haze/fog?

    Last gig I did we ended up having a lot of condensation on some of the AC vents that would drip onto the crowd and almost the gear. Room was small with plenty of warm bodies dancing, and the temp was set to about 70/72. We’re probably going to use this venue again, so next time the owner asks me...
  2. C


    Has anyone out there played around with filtering fog from the air? The idea would be to localize the impact of the glycol on scenery around it in a permanent install setting. An air intake not far from the effect would give a clear past of travel for the fog instead of letting it settling on...
  3. A

    Fog Depth

    Would anyone have suggestions as to a good way to create a "moat" of fog utilizing the motorized orchestra pit (no actors or musicians would occupy the space)? The pit preset would begin 10' below deck in order to hide, then reveal, scenery through a blanket of fog. I'm struggling with ways to...
  4. N

    Froggys Fog Vs High End

    Hey! I've been researching a number of foggers for our theatre and I've come across some really helpful threads here. I have now narrowed down our search to HE's FQ-100 or Froggys Fog Titan 1800pro for our budget. I am having trouble finding proper tech reviews on either. I know the FQs have a...
  5. I

    Quiet High Output Fog Machine for around $500-$700.

    Hi all,I am looking for a quiet high output fog machine for my high school theater department. We previously had an Arena 2100 Flex from Chauvet however it long longer will function and it will cost almost as much to replace as it would to get it fixed. The Arena 2100 Flex has an...
  6. D

    Glaciator X Stream Making Floor Slippery

    I am using two Glaciator X Streams and they have recently started causing the floor in front of them to become very slippery. More than the normal amount. What do you thinks is the cause could it be the machine or perhaps the temp of the room? Any insight or ways to fix the problem or at least...
  7. Julian Amrine

    In need of a tiny fog/smoke effect that doesnt cost $1800 or use pyro

    Hey all,The director wants smoke to come out of the toaster for that scene in Company... the toaster is set on a peice of scenery-the peice moves, but the TD says there is a possibility of getting a mains circuit to the peice if we need it.Any ideas?Oh yea, it needs to be triggered...
  8. ademhayyu1

    Patching a dmx fog machine to ETC Element 40

    Greetings,I am the lighting designer and tech supervisor at my high school and this year we're planning on buying a fog machine and I'm doing some research on some good fog machines. I chose the Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1800 Flex Adjustable Angle Fog Machine (25,000 CFM) because of the dmx...
  9. A

    Lighting Cue List

    Hello, I am going to be programming a light show for an event later this March, I only will have the fixtures for 1 week (we are renting) but it is going to be a very complex show for me (6 Moving Head fixtures, 2 Foggers, and numerous LEDs), i will have to make various effects and so on. I...
  10. Owen Sahnow

    I broke my Rosco Delta 3000, Help!

    I attempted to hook up my Rosco Delta 3000 to a network, which we discovered after the fact that was not supposed to happen. The thing won't work now and I really need to fix it. I checked the fuses and they are intact. I know this machine was discontinued, but if anyone out there has any info...
  11. D Oz

    DMX Termination Fail

    My theater recently purchased a used Rosco Model 1750 Fog Machine for immediate use. I briefly tested it upon arrival, to make sure that it was responding to DMX. I then put it in its perch for the production, making sure to put a DMX terminator in (as the manual demands).During the preshow...
  12. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Atmospheric Advice

    Looking to take your fog and haze effects to the next level? Check out this high flying video that offers practical tips on selecting and positioning atmospheric effects for a variety of applications.
  13. tdtastic

    Quiet Fogger???

    Has anyone played with the new Rosco Vapour line? The Vapour Plus is cute and reasonably priced, but is it loud? Loving all the manufacturer videos online, but none ever have the sense to cut out the background music -- I want to HEAR the damn thing before I buy it.Also looking at...
  14. J

    Onstage Grill "Flare-up"

    In our upcoming production of Tar Beach by Tammy Ryan, there is a moment in which a grill is supposed to flare up on stage (described as "a huge plume of fire"). Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do this w/o any pyro? I think that trying to mount a hazer or fogger in the grill...
  15. B

    Fog/Haze without setting off fire alarms

    I am DJing a dance tomorrow. The room I will be using is mane 200 or so Square Feet and I have a fat beam laser that needs fog. The problem is that the room has smoke detectors and fire alarms that are connected to the fire department and my crap 1000 watt fog machine is known to set off fire...
  16. M

    Haze through holes in stage deck

    Is it possible to send haze down a pipe which is released through many holes in the stage deck? Many smoke machines have ducting attachments for this sort of thing but I haven't found any such thing for hazers. Any reason for this?
  17. Brendan

    ADJ Basic Fog Machine Controlled Edison to Stage Pin

    Instead of renting a DMX fogger, would it be possible to tape down the on switch and using a Edison to Stage Pin adapter, turn the machine on and off. Or would this ruin the machine?