1. K

    Mixers/Consoles Midas DL32 Automatic Mute All Issue

    Hello!New to the forum here. Have had ZERO luck tracking down an answer with MIDAS support or on their forums so I'm hoping that someone here has run in to the same problem I'm having.Church I work for has an M32 at FOH and an X32 for backstage monitor, both running AES to the DL32. From our...
  2. dvsDave

    DPA Microphones - Facebook Live with audio professional Eddie Caipo

    For this session we’ll jump into a world of mixing FOH for the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Smash Mouth, Tears for Fears, the Kings of Chaos and many more! As a Studio Engineer, Producer, FOH and Monitor Engineer, Eddie “El Brujo” Caipo has worked with some of...
  3. Kendall E

    Fixture choice advice

    Hey all, I'm looking to re-do the front lighting for our stage and am seeking advice.We worship in a gym which has the stage on one of the long walls about 4 feet off the ground. The gym floor has seating, then there is a small section of bleacher seating opposite the stage, only about 7 rows...
  4. Jammer

    Key Lights for Mobile Rig

    I run a mobile sound and light rig and up to now have been using a typical LED DJ PAR light for key lights on the bands. Throw distance varies, but usually relatively short, max:14 - 16 feet high and only about 6 feet out in front of the band so steep angle. 13 feet high and out 45 degrees...