1. D

    I joined to nerd out about a followspot

    Hello,I have come across this website everytime I search for info about the same thing: carbon arc followspots. So I decided to join because i have pictures and questions about one that I might get to meet next weekend 🤣 I am so oddly obsessed with them, also a little terrified.I will post...
  2. B

    Followspot color frames for tour

    Need to pickup some more followspot frames for a tour. However, the question has come up if the Lycian 9” color frames are the same/interchangeable as the Super trouper frames? Can anyone clarify this before we order the wrong thing?
  3. R

    Lycian Follow Spot Model 1238 Not Working

    I’m a high school student with a show less than a week out, and one of my spots stopped working. We replaced the bulb and checked the outlet it was plugged into to make sure it worked, but no luck. It won’t turn on. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?
  4. GhostLighter

    Conventional Fixtures Spot Doh!

    I'm posting this PSA with the express hope that someone else does not make the same mistake that I made (and also because I don't think my negative reviews on the vendors' sites will make it past their moderation).I recently purchased some of the new Spot Dot 3.0 with both upgrade kits (the...
  5. H

    Followspot recommendations?

    I know there are a couple old posts about this, but I am looking for more up to date info, and to be honest I'd really love to hear about what companies/products people have had good, long term experiences with rather than hearsay. I am in the market for new followspots. The throw from the the...
  6. WooferHound

    Modified Telrad, No Batteries, has Area Lighting added

    I brought a Telrad home to repair and ended up making it work without batteries and added two sets of area lighting: White & Blue.Removed the batteries Added 5v Phone charger Wall Wort changed dimmer to an on/off switch added 2 more switches for Blue and White Area lighting Added 2 Blue...
  7. DannyDepac

    Using a wall dimmer for a Source four follow spot??

    Hi Everyone - You've never failed me before so I'm back! lolI am putting together my own DIY Followspot from an ETC source 4 ellipsoidal (5 degree) 750 watt.I want it to be dimmable by the operator. I saw a couple of videos that use a regular old home "wall dimmer switch" inline with the...
  8. L

    Followspot footcandles?

    What do you look for in a followspot for footcandles at your target area? Granted, this is based on numerous things such as ambient light, but is there a certain footcandles number you desire or require from a followspot before you'll even consider using it for your application?
  9. WFair

    Follow-Me Follow Spot Controller

    I have been looking into remote-operated followspots for high school level musicals. There are a lot of reasons that this may be better for our specific venue than sticking with the good old fashioned catwalk option, but I will skip that for now. Specifically, I am aware of some VERY high-end...
  10. A

    Conventional Fixtures Followspot Feedback

    Hi all, I am researching replacements for my legacy Altman Satellite 1 followspots. VLA Altman Sat 1 by VLAMorgan posted Jun 14, 2018 at 2:01 PM Throw: 80' to downstage center. Cost: < $7,500 each. FC: How bright is too bright? I used Lycian ZOT 12HPs in a different venue. They were awfully...
  11. M

    Robe Robospot

    Hi, Has anyone used, purchased installed the Robe Robospot with BMFL (remote operated followspot). I am chasing opinions both positive and negative. We are looking at the possibilities to remove operators from the rig.Thanks in advance. Mark
  12. lwinters630


    Has anyone used the new CHAUVET OVATION SP3300CWI am considering buying one for a 585 seat auditorium with a 75 ft throw. I need it to push through our current FOH source 4-19 areas. I am not seeing any reviews or videos on line.Thanks for you feed back.
  13. JonLX

    Wybron Autopilot Parts

    Hello All,I've been following posts on here for many years, but I only just joined.I was hoping a few people might be able to help me out. Between a colleague an I we have be playing with an old Autopilot system with an amature theatre group in the UK.They were donated the kit and have...
  14. HLlovesPyroLX

    Trouble with Lycian Superstar 1275

    Hey there Lampies,So I have a pair of Lycian Superstar 1275 spots in my theatre. I have NO idea how old they are but the they are in pretty good shape. Until recently. One of them has started having a flicker and loss of output with in the last few months. It only happens once in awhile...
  15. S

    Control/Dimming Followspot Dimming Issues

    Had an interesting problem come up today and I am hoping someone can explain it to me. I am an electrician at a community theatre and some of our followspots are Source 4s on a stick. These are powered with our sensor dimmers, but also have a household wall dimmer so the operators turn their own...
  16. Thoms

    Vintage Lighting Old Followspot Help

    Hello everyone,I am a senior and the main theater/everything tech here at school. We have two follow spots that are very old. So I need some replacement parts, one of the focuses are broken, the switches to turn them on are loose, there are many screws missing so that the top is not even...
  17. JD

    Treasure Trove of Super Troupers?

    This has to be the most bizarre thing I have run into in years. Bit of a back-story: Back in the 1980's, I sold the spotlight end of my business to my brother in-law. These were the old days of carbon arc spots. We partnered for awhile, but then there was a classic falling out and as a result...
  18. Joshua Hoffman

    Frozen: Live at the Hyperion Followspot Effect

    Disney recently opened a Frozen musical at their Disneyland park to amazing reviews and crazy cool special effects. Just in this show they use projections, flying, tons of automation, video walls, lifts, puppets, animation, and so much more. It is truly beautiful. In case you haven't seen it...
  19. A

    Lycian SuperArc 400 dimness

    I'm at a venue at the moment that has two Lycian SuperArc 400 - Short throw follow spots. One spot is perfectly bright when it's on low-range and the lowest setting. The other spot is significantly dimmer when it's on High-range on setting 6. We've changed the lamp again and again and it is...
  20. S

    Lycian Zot 1200 or Canto 1200

    I have read a few posts about followspots. Many of them are older. I am looking for a good followspot that will cut through at 100-125'. As most are probably familiar with, budget is making the decision extremely hard. Researching the ZOT line has been difficult. It means, no news is good...