1. T

    Help with understanding foot lights. Please?

    Situation:Highschool kid with an up coming school musical and I have the task of foot lighting. I am after any tips, tricks and suggestions that you can give as this is something new to me. A basic explanation of what foot lighting is and how to properly integrate it into the stage would also...
  2. C

    DIY Footlights?

    Just wondering if anyone has some experience making footlights? I’m doing a high school production of Chicago and wanted to go for a little vaudeville flair, without breaking the bank. Also, any thoughts on marquee lights for a sign or built into the set? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  3. R

    Design Footlights! I beg of you! Footlights!

    Just about every production I've ever seen in the last 20 years, big or small, features big dark shadows in the actor's eye sockets. It's like watching a play put on by raccoons. Do audiences not care anymore about seeing the actor's eyes? I come from a stills and video background where eye...
  4. EdSavoie

    Conventional Fixtures Old-school footlights

    Aside from being in slight disrepair, our footlights still work and the presumably mercury tilt switches are still there. That being said, one of the circuits (Down Stage Right foots) is doing something very strange. The lights are acting like they are being powered by a relay and turning full...