1. NickVon

    TOA frequency Assignments in the A01 and H01 bands?

    I have done as much google-fu as I can, and have been unable to find a chart listing for the frequency assigments of 0-10,a,b,..fWe are looking to do some tighter coordination at a church before the new gear gets settled onWe have (4) TOA WT-4820's in the A01 band . Which is like...
  2. nick_fouts

    What to do with old wireless equipment?

    We have a ton of old wireless mic packs and receivers (Audix and Audio-Technica) ranging anywhere between 638-716 MHz, which I know we can no longer use. They have long since long since been replaced with new equipment anyways, and I know I missed the rebate period for most manufacturers...
  3. Stevens R. Miller

    Wireless Making Sense of Shure's Wireless Frequency Finder

    Well, once again I am baffled by something I thought would be easy to understand. My company has eight Shure SLX4 receivers, and eight SLX1 transmitters. Six of the SLXs are in band H5 and two of them are in band J3. When I got the system (on loan so I can learn how it works), all eight were...
  4. J

    Shure ULX Frequencies changing by themselves

    Hey CB,We have 4 shure ulx handheld microphones (j1 band) we use in our space and we have this recurring issue where the mics will magically reset their groups and channels (sometimes in the middle of a performance) back to group 1 channel 1. They'll also randomly switch between a group x...