1. Kyla Werrett

    PROLIGHTS EclFresnel CT+ Series - Revolutionizing LED Fresnel

    North America, November 28, 2023 - PROLIGHTS proudly introduces the EclFresnel CT+ series, an innovative range of LED Fresnel fixtures designed to redefine the standard in the category. An LED Fresnel with the field and barn door cut of a traditional Fresnel. With a newly engineered 6-color...
  2. Rose03


    Ok so I'm trying to get a guy by doing some lighting for him. The catch? It's film lighting, something I've never had experience with before. I have four Altman 3.5qs, one B&M Fresnel, a Strong Trouperette II follow spot, two pars, a four pot dimmer, controller, and no gel nor stands. What do I...
  3. beescores

    Dimmer Electricity "bleed"

    I'm not sure what else to call it but after literal hours of Google I just have no clue. Any tips would be appreciated! -- I have a 6-channel Leprecon LD 360 DMX dimmer pack with 4 fresnels and 2 practicals (normal lamp bulbs) hooked in. They all run correctly and independently on the channels...
  4. Butch!

    FS Strand SL's, Altman SkyCycs, 6" Fresnels, pars, T3 cycs

    Fixtures that were removed during upgrades. All were used in installs at High Schools or colleges. These are for pick up, but if you want to arrange freight shipping we will crate or palletize. Located in Ridgway, PA, 15853, 3 hours south of Buffalo, NY, 3 hours north of Pittsburgh, PA. 1/2...
  5. soundofsparks

    1940s J.G. MacAlister Fresnels

    I have found in the bowels of my venue some old fresnels. I believe they are from the 1940s. They are manufactured by J.G. MacAlister (See picture of similar unit).I think they are cool to have around, but I'm worried that the lens ring has asbestos around it and so I'm hesitant to really even...
  6. K

    Altman 65Q Fresnel socket replacement

    at my High school, we have a bunch of altman 65Q fixtures of which the socket for the lamp is corroded, and they need to be replaced. does anyone know of any video tutorial that may show how to properly replace these?
  7. B

    FS: Used Altman Fresnels and Altman PAR Cans

    My employer (a high school) has upgraded most of our lighting and as a result we have some fresnels and par cans that we no longer have a use for. We currently have the following fixtures available for sale:Approximately 16 Altman PAR 64 Cans, 1000 WattsAll of these fixtures are in “good”...
  8. K

    BTR lamps not fitting in fresnels?

    We recently inherited some 6" fresnels that it seems like a BTR/BTN lamp base is too big for the socket. Has anyone ever run across this or have any suggestions on what lamps would fit? Thanks!
  9. petercav17

    Vintage Lighting Parts for Kliegl Bros. Pantagraph?

    Hey all, I recently came across two of these pantagraphs from Kliegl Bros. I'd love to use them as an easy method for hanging simple tail downs, however they are missing the cranks that operate them, along with who knows what else. I couldn't find any information on them from either CB or a...
  10. Jammer

    Key Lights for Mobile Rig

    I run a mobile sound and light rig and up to now have been using a typical LED DJ PAR light for key lights on the bands. Throw distance varies, but usually relatively short, max:14 - 16 feet high and only about 6 feet out in front of the band so steep angle. 13 feet high and out 45 degrees...