front lighting

  1. Joel Engelhardt

    Using ETC Source Four for Broadcast Lighting - Lamp Intensity vs. Color Temperature?

    Hey there, I am a long-time reader but first-time poster. Booyah! I contract at a large campus of a local church, and we are planning to re-hang our front light ETC Source Four ellipsoidals.I am told that our goal color temperature on-stage 5600K. We are planning to use Full CTB gel to...
  2. IanTech

    Replacing ERS Lekos with Moving Fixtures

    A local venue I work at has pondered replacing all ERS (front lighting) Lekos (currently conventional Source Fours) with LED Moving Heads. Obviously doing a 1:1 swap would be insanely expensive. But if we replaced our stage wash with say 4 or 5 Ayrton Ghiblis on each batten.They believe that...