front of house

  1. tdtastic

    Auditorium Upholstery Woes

    This one's for my facilities folk:So your theatre has had butts in the seats for twenty years and the seats are starting to show it. Rips and tears, people. I'm talking rips and tears. Now, it's not quite time to start thinking about re-upholstering the whole damn auditorium just yet. And...
  2. Stuart R

    Need to buy or build a rolling "tech booth"

    Greetings all -Scene: School "cafetorium" with no booth, and no ability build/install anything permanent (i.e. it's a working cafeteria!)Need: A rolling "tech booth" that can accommodate our lighting and sound ops and their equipment. I'm imagining a table on locking casters, with 50% of the...