1. nick_fouts

    Fuse Question—Leviton Dimmer Pack

    Hi all, I have a Leviton DDS 5600 microplex dimmer pack. Went to install today and found a missing fuse on one of the channels. In advance, please pardon my naïvete around electricity and fuses--I'm still learning! It requires a 6A, 250V non time-delay fuse. I know that I can order online...
  2. Alex Smith

    Loudspeakers Ceramic Cartridge Fuses and proper seating

    Hey all! been working on some Behringer speakers that have those 6.3amp 250v ceramic cartridge fuses. There's one that seems to have problems with being seated properly, and only really works with the fuse cap twisted almost all the way in. Anyone else encountered this problem? If so, any...
  3. ChristopherRobinJ

    Cloud lights not working..

    The other day, I was helping my lighting director fix some S4 PAR's that were not working on the clouds we have. However, as we searched for the cloud lights on our board, we discovered that none of them would turn on... We did a full channel and dimmer check. went through our saved shows, and...