1. JD

    Design Issues and Solutions Why Gel and RGB light? Here's why

    This video looks at the radical difference between color adjusting an RGB light vs setting it to white and gelling it. It's not a short video, but it is worth watching!
  2. ademhayyu1

    Gel Inventorying

    Gello (heehee)I am inventorying my gels put I am wondering if there is a software or something where I can input what gel I have, how many cuts and their sizes, and be able to see a picture of the gel color or something. I know Lightwright has a feature like this but I don't think it's the...
  3. ApolloDesign

    Printed Gel??

    We'd love to hear your opinion.
  4. tdtastic

    Gel Storage Upgrade

    it's 2017 for God's sake. I'm so over manila file folders. There has GOT to be a better way of storing get cuts that is easy to peruse but won't turn into a giant mess!!! Someone out there has surely come up with a clever way to do this better, and I want to know how!Also taking ideas for...
  5. M

    Design Issues and Solutions Best gels for skin tones

    I was wondering if people could recommend what gels they have found to work best on different skin tones? Both warms and cools would be appreciated. Thanks! (I typically stick to rosco)
  6. stagebuilder

    Gel File Folder Labeling Software?

    Does anyone know of an existing file folder labeling software to label gel file folders? Don't want to use P-Touch, too much wasted tape. There must be some software that can be customized or something specific to the entertainment world?
  7. C

    How do I turn LED lights into wash lights?

    I was wondering what frost is best for spreading the LED beam. We want to hang Chroma-Q Colour Force 72 LED lights vertically behind chloroplast sheets. The beam angle is approximately 23 degrees and we want to diffuse it to approximately 60-70 degrees using a frost. What frost would you...
  8. soundofsparks

    Wybron CXI Scroll Alignment Issues

    Hey Everyone,I'm having trouble with a Wybron CXI and I can't quite put my finger on what the problem might be. Here are some details. I've done a lot of troubleshooting here, but am happy to hear any thoughts obvious or less so.For the most part, my fixture is behaving normally. The problem...