1. tdtastic

    Clear Plexi Options/ Stained Glass Windows

    I don't buy much plexi or other other plastics for that matter and could use some help narrowing down what option is best for me. It's a tad daunting to sift through all the different types, materials, finishes, or treatments. I need to get the cheapest option for me without unknowingly paying...
  2. propguy

    Waiter tray with rigged glasses

    This should be a straight forward prop, but every time I encounter trays and glasses I get scared just a but. I normally encounter them as items that must separate but in my next production they must be attached and never move. I want to use a standard restaurant serving tray and put two water...
  3. WFair

    How to make large (inexpensive) breakaway glass - Isomaltitol?

    I have been researching breakaway glass options for a large window. Clearly alfonso's sells the best "real deal" but it is much too expensive (several thousand dollars) for the high school production I am working on. I am trying to make a large window that an actor can dive through. I could...