gobo rotator

  1. JcherneskyLDME

    Apollo Simple Single Rotator troubleshoot.

    I have a simple single unit that doesn't seem to respond to power at all. Any recommendations before i disassemble this thing?
  2. stagebuilder

    GAM TwinSpin Power Adapter?

    Hello, I recently got 6 GAM TwinSpin Gobo Rotators from a lighting rental company for a great price. Only problem when I got the units, I found 4 were missing the power adapters and the two that had adapters, I can't make out the label to see what the specs are so I can purchase substitute...
  3. BransonC

    Patching Gobo Rotators

    Hey guys! I just received two new Rosco RevoPRO Dual Programmable Gobo Rotator They can be found here: http://us.rosco.com/en/product/revopro-dual-programmable-rotator I am attempting to patch/program them into a JANDS CL Controller. However, I have not be successful. Any help or thoughts...
  4. spotlightondance

    Conventional Fixtures Roto-Q gobo rotator. How to cable?

    I've happened upon two Apollo Roto-Q DMX gobo rotators that we're hoping to put to use. These came with a PSU 02-4 power supply (75W). I can't find any description of how exactly to cable these. I'd really appreciate it if someone could validate my cabling guesses. There are two connectors on...