1. N

    Removing Glass Gobos from Carriers

    Has anyone had success in removing glass gobos that are mounted in carriers - in this instance for VL3000 - without damaging them or ruining the coating? They appear to be glued in with a high temp silicon and originally came from Apollo. We have had some sucess with a very fine metal spudger to...
  2. Kelite

    Apollo rebuilds!

    From Joel and Keersten Nichols, owners of Apollo Design Technology:A new year is a chance to rebuild for all of us. For Apollo, Blue Pony and Avid Labs this will be a rebuild in a big way. December 9th we had a fire at our facility that destroyed it. No one was hurt and we are truly grateful...
  3. Mel Williams

    Gobo FX

    Hey friends,College student here doing a project on using gobos in lekos for FX rather than any of the newer equipment. Basically, creating FX with limited budgets? Or what may be more helpful is how y'all have used gobos to enhance your designs?Totally recognize this is kind of a vague...
  4. ApolloDesign

    Have you heard...? Keystone Correction Gobos

    New and improved method of keystoning gobos. In this video Joel explains our keystoning methods and how they have improved to offer the best keystoning in the industry.https://vimeo.com/user67988442/keystoning
  5. jt3

    Conventional Fixtures Cost Effective (Cheap) LED LEKO for Outdoors?

    My boss is going GOBO wild and wants more and more put into our show every year. 90% of them are used outdoors. I am up to 14 Source Four 750s and I'm out of power. We've built "rain bonnets" to help weather proof the electric end of the units and that works well. I'm thinking of getting the...
  6. Kelite

    Virtual Wedding Gobo App

    Greetings, ControlBooth friends!Keeping in mind 'a picture is worth a thousand words" and the challenge of explaining a custom gobo to a bride... we've developed a fantastic app for that!
  7. Kelite

    Wedding Gobo App from Apollo

    The Wedd vGobo™ App by Apollo allows you to virtually project more than 20 of our most popular wedding templates featuring real-time customization using your iPad or iPhone.* Download the app, select the wedding gobo and font, key in the couple's information, and voila!Aim your camera to...
  8. ApolloDesign

    What's the Deal with Apollo PrintScenic® Gobos?

  9. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Playing with Focus - Gobo Morphing

    Want to create some novel new looks without investing in new gear? The answer may be right inside your current lighting fixtures, or more precisely in their gobo wheels. In this video our own Mike Graham shows how you can use gobo morphing to open a world of new creative possibilities.
  10. E

    Fiddler on the roof

    Hello everyone! My school is doing fiddler on the roof this upcoming spring, and the technical director and I want to include Marc Chagall into the show. Does anyone know where we could rent or purchase either an early chagall gobo or scrim? Thank you!!
  11. Kelite

    Like horses? Flash sale on horse-related gobos!

    Yep! Happy Friday, horse lovers!
  12. Seth Morrison

    DIY Gobos in LED mover

    Hello!The company I am working for recently purchased some iPro Slides with the goal of printing our own gobos. However, we wanted to put these gobos in a moving head LED fixture. We checked the melting points and theoretically, everything should have worked fine.Unfortunately, despite this...
  13. A

    'Eclipse' effect

    Hey all,Looking for some advice about a specific effect. LDing an opera and the director asked for a 'lunar eclipse' effect and I'm trying to think how to do this technically.The plan is to have a glass moon gobo on the cyc. Having multiples isn't an option budget wise, so can anyone think...
  14. Joshua Hoffman

    Cheap Gobo Projector

    Does anybody know of a gobo projector sub $75? I can't seem to find any decent ones.
  15. EHansenLX

    Design Gobo in S4 help

    I've been doing the lighting design for Shakespeare in Hollywood recently and I wanted to use a gobo to project the Warner Bros logo (simple outlines, no color) on the house curtain.I'd order a custom steel gobo from rosco or something, but I'm mainly concerned about how the image would appear...