1. Conner Jones

    Need advice on choosing an MFA program

    hello all,So I have been lucky enough to be accepted by two awesome colleges and I am having the difficult task of choosing between them. A great problem to have... but still a hard choice.The two places are NIU and U of I. Both have a lot of merits to their curriculum and both promise to...
  2. M

    UNLV's EED program

    As the recently elected Chair for the program's Advisory Board, I am burning up a few electrons to let everyone know that a 4-year degree in the technical theater arts is available from UNLV. The Entertainment Engineering and Design program is a joint venture between the Colleges of Fine Arts...
  3. Corey Tobin

    TD graduate program w/o undergrad degree?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to CB and am very happy to be surrounded by such a wealth of pro knowledge.I'm a working professional that has been touring for 15 years in many capacities - rigging, audio, carpentry, automation and PM. I am currently working as a touring automation tech, carpenter and...