1. RickR

    Console universe capacities

    Can some of you console gurus fill me in on an odd situation? A touring LD brough his GrandMA to a multi-venue site where all the house fixtures were put in Universe 300+ and he couldn't control them. :confused: I wasn't around for the previous nights Hog issues, but it might have been the same...
  2. J

    Accessing relative executors in grandMA2

    Is there a way to select an executor that is relative to the currently selected executor, e.g. Select Executor -1 or Off Executor -2 Thru -1?
  3. T1NM4N

    Design Issues and Solutions 3D Live Render software for Fun?

    Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted here. A lot has happened since Grad school but I am back to ask a question about rendering. Many of you might remember a post I did a year or two back about connecting WYSIWYG to the Offline Nomad software on the same computer. Now I'm asking...
  4. livingmarcuslee

    Multiple Fixtures, One Dimmer, GrandMA MA3D

    Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my question I have 2 pars on a single dimmer. I want to patch that dimmer into my console, but when using MA3d, I want to see both instruments in the space come up. I cant seem to find a way to force two instruments to the same address on the console, and I...
  5. kim bel

    Turn Mirrorball without motor?

    Hi guys, urgent help needed. Is there any possibility to turn a mirrorball without motor?? We need them urgently in Tunisia, and they delivered us with vintage mirrorballs, without motors. And there isn't any solution to buy a mirrorball motor here, they just dont have them in Tunisia. Any...
  6. Maxweisen

    GrandMA2 Lamp On and Lamp Off Macro

    Hey CB, I am working on a GrandMA2 Console and having some trouble making 2 macros, one for lamp on and one for lamp off. Can anyone post a screen shot of a lamp on or lamp off macro they have made for MA2 that works? Thanks, Max