1. RickR

    Console universe capacities

    Can some of you console gurus fill me in on an odd situation?A touring LD brough his GrandMA to a multi-venue site where all the house fixtures were put in Universe 300+ and he couldn't control them. :confused: I wasn't around for the previous nights Hog issues, but it might have been the same...
  2. J

    Accessing relative executors in grandMA2

    Is there a way to select an executor that is relative to the currently selected executor, e.g. Select Executor -1 or Off Executor -2 Thru -1?
  3. T1NM4N

    Design 3D Live Render software for Fun?

    Hello all!It's been a while since I've posted here. A lot has happened since Grad school but I am back to ask a question about rendering. Many of you might remember a post I did a year or two back about connecting WYSIWYG to the Offline Nomad software on the same computer. Now I'm asking...
  4. livingmarcuslee

    Multiple Fixtures, One Dimmer, GrandMA MA3D

    Hello!Thanks for taking a look at my question I have 2 pars on a single dimmer. I want to patch that dimmer into my console, but when using MA3d, I want to see both instruments in the space come up. I cant seem to find a way to force two instruments to the same address on the console, and I...
  5. kim bel

    Turn Mirrorball without motor?

    Hi guys,urgent help needed.Is there any possibility to turn a mirrorball without motor?? We need them urgently in Tunisia, and they delivered us with vintage mirrorballs, without motors. And there isn't any solution to buy a mirrorball motor here, they just dont have them in Tunisia.Any...
  6. Maxweisen

    GrandMA2 Lamp On and Lamp Off Macro

    Hey CB,I am working on a GrandMA2 Console and having some trouble making 2 macros, one for lamp on and one for lamp off. Can anyone post a screen shot of a lamp on or lamp off macro they have made for MA2 that works?Thanks, Max