1. indigoapropo

    Live Hanging Onstage

    Has anyone done a live hanging with an actor? We have a rig for the actor, but I'm concerned about the rope around the neck. I need something that will release if the rig fails, we've talked about velcro or a magnet.
  2. TheTheaterGeek

    Automated Fixtures Mac 2K Performance Hanging Question

    Can you hang a mac 2k horizontally? 90° from a vertical pipe?Can't find it in the manual.
  3. EHansenLX

    Hanging Automated Fixtures Question

    So I'm doing a show in a couple months and I'm trying to come up with a good way to hang 2 Martin Mac 700 Profiles.We have 3 catwalks above the house (see attached diagram for more detail). My plan is to hang the fixtures between the 1st and 2nd catwalk by hanging them on 1.5" Steel Pipe that...
  4. Neon Ninja

    How to Make These Cards?

    Does anyone know how to make these hanging cards in Lightwright 5? I posted on another website and someone said " I exported from Lightwright to CSV, and edited the data in Excel to make it clearer (negative x values from Vectorworks become SR, positive is SL, etc.). Then mail merge in MS Word...