1. K

    Sound f/x custom hardware for ergonomic programming of QLab?

    Greetings all. I’ve wandered through some conversations about controlling QLab with hotkeys, OSC, and so forth, but here’s what I’m not finding. My (new) dream is to set up a customizable piece of hardware, similar to a big X-Keys device, which would be an ergonomic leap toward making the...
  2. S

    Pros and Cons of Different Clamps

    I've been looking into different clamp types but I'm struggling to find comparisons of different types or explanations about what applications each type is intended for. Here's what I've found so far and please do tell me if I'm getting anything wrong:C-clamps or c-clamp adjacent hardware can...
  3. N

    Flat Rigging Question

    I know that rigging is a bit of a touchy subject but, for whatever it's worth, I'm not operating outside of my comfort zone. In any case, the high school that I work with has elected to stage a musical this year. Due to the current circumstances, we've chosen a musical with a much smaller cast...
  4. 'thaniel

    FlyHouse - Hanging Hardware I

    This session will be an overview of the most common pieces of hanging hardware used in the industry. • Identify the correct names of hardware items • Walk-through the correct use and common mis-use of various connectors • Review the concepts of design factor and working load limit • Feature a...