haze machine

  1. Stone

    DF 50 Hazer not producing

    A DF 50 hazer in the space is not producing haze. It manages to trickle out at an unusable amount if I cover the nozzle on the bowl to block the air out.Fluid is 3/4 to the line. Power is 120v, compressor is running well. Bowl & filter have been cleaned. Bowl has a couple partial cracks, but...
  2. matcreyn

    Radiance Hazer not pulling fluid

    I’m having trouble with one of our Radiance Hazers. It won’t pull fluid into the thermal assembly. Things I’ve checked are: 1. I replaced the air pump. 2. The air pump is receiving its appropriate 120V at the circuit board. 3. DMX, manual, and remote all work to trigger the fan, so it’s not a...
  3. Mark Wenderlich

    Best Hazer for Dance

    OK, I'm in the market for a new hazer for use with dance concerts. This means a lot of haze in a short time that dissipates quickly, I may need haze for a piece that is 6-12 minutes long and want it gone for the next piece. I presently have an old Radiance. It produces a good amount of haze in...