1. matcreyn

    Radiance Hazer not pulling fluid

    I’m having trouble with one of our Radiance Hazers. It won’t pull fluid into the thermal assembly. Things I’ve checked are: 1. I replaced the air pump. 2. The air pump is receiving its appropriate 120V at the circuit board. 3. DMX, manual, and remote all work to trigger the fan, so it’s not a...
  2. Dragonfire

    Best warmer or cooler ambient temperature for haze/fog?

    Last gig I did we ended up having a lot of condensation on some of the AC vents that would drip onto the crowd and almost the gear. Room was small with plenty of warm bodies dancing, and the temp was set to about 70/72. We’re probably going to use this venue again, so next time the owner asks me...
  3. A

    Fog Depth

    Would anyone have suggestions as to a good way to create a "moat" of fog utilizing the motorized orchestra pit (no actors or musicians would occupy the space)? The pit preset would begin 10' below deck in order to hide, then reveal, scenery through a blanket of fog. I'm struggling with ways to...
  4. N

    Froggys Fog Vs High End

    Hey! I've been researching a number of foggers for our theatre and I've come across some really helpful threads here. I have now narrowed down our search to HE's FQ-100 or Froggys Fog Titan 1800pro for our budget. I am having trouble finding proper tech reviews on either. I know the FQs have a...
  5. zackconn44

    Dmx Issues

    so I just added a Antari Z380 fazed to a dmx chain that originated from a showbaby. Without the gazer in it it works properly but right when I add it the light after it in the chain begin to strive and move around. Is there a reason for this? I’m probably just going to add it to the end of the 9...
  6. Mark Wenderlich

    Best Hazer for Dance

    OK, I'm in the market for a new hazer for use with dance concerts. This means a lot of haze in a short time that dissipates quickly, I may need haze for a piece that is 6-12 minutes long and want it gone for the next piece. I presently have an old Radiance. It produces a good amount of haze in...
  7. Outlanderfrog

    Hazers for Arena

    Hey all!A university I freelance for is building a new sports arena and I'm looking for hazer recommendations, having never spec'ed a venue of that size. Almost every tour that comes thru my home venue recently has had the base hazer pro, but I have no experience with it. Price isn't a huge...
  8. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: Atmospheric Advice

    Looking to take your fog and haze effects to the next level? Check out this high flying video that offers practical tips on selecting and positioning atmospheric effects for a variety of applications.