1. G

    Looking to replace our comms

    Hi all,I work at a small theatre company and we're looking to upgrade our comms system. At the minute, we're using the HME DX100 but the headsets are falling apart, the base station isn't super reliable, and we need more than 4 belt packs. Any system we get needs to be fully wireless, have at...
  2. jtweigandt

    Picomm version 2 2019-03-03

    Cleaned up and enhanced instructions for Picomm all in one mumble server and wireless router for full duplex stage communication. The new pi3+ won't run on the older pre configured image. I have uploaded picomm2.img.zip that will run on the pi3b+ as well as the 3b and the pizerow. The...
  3. M

    Comm headset splitter

    I thought this would be a common question, but couldn't find anything in a search. Is there any reason building a 4pin XLR Y cable wouldn't work to put two headsets on one beltpack? I'm guessing there's plenty of power, since any headset I've used (when working properly) is capable of causing...
  4. Rod Reilly

    Bodymics for bodymics, hairline-wig, lavalier and headset mics

    Just joined. I asked a new client last night where he got my name, and he told me Control Booth. Figured I had better check things out.Our goal is to meet the needs of the wireless microphone users in theatre/theater with mic elements, transmitter belts, production hangers, antenna systems...