1. P

    Anyone have any experience with TomCom systems?

    I'm looking into purchasing a new intercom system for my school and I am trying to keep the cost down. I stumbled upon T.H.E. Company's TomCom intercom system and saw that the price was very reasonable. Has anyone had any experience using them before and have thoughts on their...
  2. Aidan Spelbring

    Theatre Intercom Systems??

    We’re attempting to rebuild a high school theatre program and we’re getting to the point where we need a reliable form of communication between everyone. We want a theatre intercom with the headsets, but I have no clue what we need.What we have; A Stage XLR input on each side of the stage...
  3. jtweigandt

    Low Cost Stage comm using Raspberry pi

    I have posted 2 documents in the resources section.1. Picomm document. Has instructions and link to download a pre configured raspberry pi image to act as a full duplex communications backbone, via wifi or ethernet stations/ clients can be cell phones running app, additional...
  4. B

    Musical director and headsets

    For years I have been the technical director at a local high school. The musical director, who is now being his own artistic director as well, asked about having a headset for productions. On one hand he is the pit conductor as well. In that sense he could use one. On the other hand, he has a...
  5. Cburg

    Telex Intercom Question. Use of Ear buds?

    We use a wired 1 channel telex intercom. My students would like to try and use earbuds with a mic (like what comes with cell phones) in place of the they ear muff sets. The earbuds test out to have 4 wires, 1-right, 1-left, 1-mic and a common ground. The pinout for the 4=pin XLR on the...