help request

  1. J

    Canon XL2 recording to an external device. Help appreciated.

    Hi there, First time post. Recently a Canon XL2 fell into my hands. It works fine, I've learnt the manual and done a fair bit of research. I'd like to record to an external device without the use of MiniDv Tapes (though, I do have these). I've read across multiple sources that the best thing...
  2. H

    Vine Growing Animation

    Howdy, For our production of little Shop of Horrors we are wanting to have vines growing using a projection. We have been looking for an animation of realistic vines growing up or down a wall. I was wondering if any of you would know where we could find an animation or know of how we could...
  3. Stoickthelesser

    Conventional Fixtures Altman Satellite Woes

    I've engaged in the lamentable task or relamping a pair of altman satellites that I inherited with my position. After dealing with parts of the housing on one that were glued together, I've installed a new lamp, reconnected power, and attempted to turn on the unit. The fans power up, but the...