1. TotallyAFridge

    Telex BP-1002 talk button not working.

    I have around 8 Telex BP-1002’s that all have the same problem. For every one of the belt packs the talk button does not work. When pressed, the LED does not light and no sound is picked up by the mics. I know it is the packs themselves that are dysfunctional as we have around 8 working ones...
  2. C

    Advice: Truss and Chain Motors

    Hi all, I’m looking to rig a 60’ truss supported by 4 chain motors. The company I’m working with is looking to buy, not rent. I’ve never purchased rigging equipment and so wanted to reach out and see where I should look for truss, and what your suggestions are for which chain motors are the best...
  3. bjrdillard

    Automated Fixtures Upgrading to moving lights

    First, a little backstory. I am in a pretty unique predicament: I got hired as a High School theater technician at the beginning of this school year. This school year started in distance learning and it looks like it's going to end that way too. Good news is I have done okay in terms of teaching...
  4. G

    oscRFR as auxiliary control

    Hey folks!I’ve got kind of a time sensitive question for anybody running oscRFR with their Eos device: our ancient touchscreen monitor has decided that the day of a tech rehearsal for a show tomorrow is a great time to kick the bucket, so I’m now stuck trying to busk on an IonXE with a mouse...
  5. J

    Canon XL2 recording to an external device. Help appreciated.

    Hi there,First time post.Recently a Canon XL2 fell into my hands. It works fine, I've learnt the manual and done a fair bit of research.I'd like to record to an external device without the use of MiniDv Tapes (though, I do have these). I've read across multiple sources that the best thing...
  6. B

    EtherCON, Cat5, and Cat6 issues

    Hello everyone, I recently did an installation for a small venue where I ran Cat 5 cables and terminated it on either end with Neutrik eathercon panel mounts. In the center of the room, I took the two cable feeds and soldered them together with another jumper cable to make a central patch port...
  7. Goldartfrog

    Design Issues and Solutions Help with aiming lights from a fly up/down truss(no catwalk)

    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for any help.I'm in charge of lighting for my high school theater, and we're putting on a show that would ideally have 12 specials.This shouldn't be a problem, as they are marked out on the stage, except that our theater has a large truss that most lights...
  8. Capt.T_T.

    Control/Dimming Color DMX Level Data for LED Fixtures

    The fixture library on my console doesn't play nicely with my ETC D60s, or with the ColorSource Cyc fixtures I'm demo'ing this week. I specifically have issues with matching gel colors using the console's UI. I typically get around this by punching my desired color into the ETC Photometrics App...
  9. Rose03


    Ok so I'm trying to get a guy by doing some lighting for him. The catch? It's film lighting, something I've never had experience with before. I have four Altman 3.5qs, one B&M Fresnel, a Strong Trouperette II follow spot, two pars, a four pot dimmer, controller, and no gel nor stands. What do I...
  10. Captain_419

    Strand GSX (yes the golf ball board) Floppy Issue

    Hello, I have an old Strand GSX 64000 (golf ball spectacular) i have tried for a few days now to figure out why it wont save to the floppy disk anymore, i have tried replacing the drive with another and to no avail. I was wondering if any of you have had similar issues or if anyone knows what...
  11. Joe Allen

    Wireless Threaded microphones

    Hi all. I recently bought a new set of wireless headsets for our theatre, and they had the tag 'threaded' on them. Unfortunately they arrived and only had the threads, but nothing to screw onto. We are using Sennheiser G3 transmitters, which have the same female threaded end. Is there any way to...
  12. soundtech193746

    Installs Best rack for 6 wireless microphones?

    In the upcoming month, we are purchasing 6 additional microphones (AudioTechnica 3000s). What is the best rack i can get for these that has locking functionality? It needs to be big enough to hold the 6 wireless receivers and a rack drawer for storing the transmitters and other miscellaneous...
  13. E

    Moving light help please

    Our theater has an ETC light board and we have 2 moving light instruments (GLP Impression Spot One). One of these instruments is completely non responsive to anything the board tells it to do, and the second will move change gobos etc. but NOT focus or zoom.I am trying to discern if we...
  14. Haydenk

    Sound cabinet keys

    I volunteer at the local high school teaching tech to the kids and helping with everything technical during the productions.We recently got a new cabinet for equipment and I noticed that all of the other sound cabinets in the school are all keyed alike even though they have come from different...
  15. F

    Automated Fixtures Dmx input not working

    Hello everyone, I bought some used SGM Idea Spot 575's some time ago, but the DMX input stopped working on one of them. Now, I've already checked the wires through, and nothing seems to have blown up on the two control PCB's, so I'm rather clueless as to what would have caused this. Before it...
  16. V

    Unrecognized Dimming Receptacle

    Hello,I was looking at the lighting situation in a dining hall in MIT's student center and they built in some stage pin and dimmer boxes around the room, likely when they first built the building. I don't recognize the connections for the dimmer and was wondering if anyone here could identify...
  17. soundtech193746

    HELP! My ETC Express console keys are not responding! What should I Do?

    Just as the title says! My legacy ETC Express 24/48 I have to use for a high school shows keys are not responding! (Number pad, Record Targets, etc.) Thank you in advance!
  18. N

    Control/Dimming Please help

    Our lights will not go out or communicate and our board is not the problem. We have a nsi dds 9800 dimmer box. Any suggestions. Our show opens in 2 days. Please help
  19. Kyle McAnally

    Conventional Fixtures Axial Strand 6x12s

    Hey All,So I've got two different Strand 6x12s, one marked 6x12L with a slightly longer body and one marked as a normal 6x12. Do these fixtures have different photometrics? Just trying to wrap my head around how to use these best but can't find any documentation. Any info documents would be...
  20. SouthTownProd

    Working with Chauvet Intimidator Hybrids

    Hi,I'm currently working with 4 hybrids and i'm programming them for a concert in september. i'm noticing that the heads move pretty slow during scene transitions and i was wondering if there was a way to speed up the movements on the heads. some scenes only last for about 2 seconds and I was...