high end systems

  1. F

    Hog 1000 installation question

    I am a professional photographer skilling myself in the use of theatre lighting. I have 2 old Showtec 575S moving heads and 2 High end Intelibeam 700HX scansA Hog 1000 has been offered to me cheap but I am not sure if it can handle my lights standard. I owe a SGM Studio 24 which does not have...
  2. Fountain Of Euph

    Automated Fixtures Selecting Moving Lights

    Hello Internet Friends:The University I work for is looking to purchase moving lights for our theater. We currently have a full compliment of S4's, PAR's and Fresnels, as well as 8x SpectraCYC 400's and 14x ETC Vivid-R's. Control is on a ETC ION. We do musicals, plays, and dance, and hang...
  3. Adam R. Jezl-Sikorski

    Best remedy to create blacklight effect with CMY instruments?

    Hey All,I'm working on a production of "The Little Mermaid" and the director wants to play around with a blacklight effect for one or two of the songs. Budgets are a thing so I'm trying to work with the non-conventional instruments our venue has to offer first.We Have: 2 - SolaspotPro...
  4. H

    High End Color Pro Classic

    Hi All, I recently acquired a number of color pro classic fixtures. These are the old ones that used 3 MR-16 lamps. The only way I currently have to control them is with the proprietary controller that came with them. However from what I can gather online from others, and from the High End...
  5. L

    FS: High End Systems StudioPix

    Hi All,I am selling my pair of HES StudioPix fixtures that are in great condition! These were manufactured in 2012 - Fixture 1 has no currently known issues and includes a road case (Pictured). Fixture 2 has a dead pixel - HES said that it might be a bad LED on the circuit board, or it may be...