high school theatre

  1. JJBerman

    Job: HS Performing Arts Center Technical Director Position--Middleton, WI

    For those interested (and please pass along to anyone who may be interested) The Middleton Performing Arts Center (Middleton WI) is looking for a new Technical Director. Job Posting: Performing Arts Center - Technical Director - Vacancy ID: 180846 While it is not noted in the posting, starting...
  2. bjrdillard

    Automated Fixtures Upgrading to moving lights

    First, a little backstory. I am in a pretty unique predicament: I got hired as a High School theater technician at the beginning of this school year. This school year started in distance learning and it looks like it's going to end that way too. Good news is I have done okay in terms of teaching...
  3. C

    Selecon rama 150 Fresnels

    I have a group of Selecon Rama 150 6 inch fresnels that are not *really* working. Some of them seem to have wiring problems, and the lamps blow at alarming rates. We even had an issue when a lamp blew right after being replaced, and almost put a student in danger. Has anyone else experienced...
  4. JJBerman

    Performing Arts Center Director Position--Middleton, WI

    The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District is looking for a new Performing Arts Center(PAC) Director. The Middleton PAC is used over 300 days a year for school, community, and national events. Please see links below and contact myself via PM here or the contact information on the PAC...
  5. Adam Brunetti

    Design Issues and Solutions High School Lighting Upgrade

    Hi all, I have been asked to create a few proposals to present to the local school department to upgrade the lighting in the auditorium of the high school that I do some freelance work for in Rhode Island. Looking to make 3 different proposals- bare bones, standard, and a dream list. Looking for...
  6. Ishi Sobti

    Hello from Down Under!

    Hi! My name is Ishi and I'm currently a Year 10 student in Brisbane, Australia. I recently moved here from Milwaukee, WI, USA. I originally got into theater (or theatre as the say here) about 3 years ago, with my middle school drama department. Ever since I have gotten the amazing opportunity to...
  7. Brianna Perry

    Design Issues and Solutions HS Student needing help w/ my plot

    Hi, I have a competition coming up in a few weeks and I ran into an issue making my plot. Our strip lights use the Altman 5 5/8" roundels. I don't know how I would label those colors on my plot. Would it just be "BLU, RED, CLR, GRN..." or is there a proper way to specify? Please help! Thanks.
  8. AshleyB

    "Live Pipe" Self-Climbing Hoist

    Has anyone worked with Hoffend and Sons "Live Pipe" self-climbing hoists? On the spec sheet, it says its the next iteration of their Prodigy line, which you can get through ETC. I'm not finding any info or reviews on Live Pipe though. Anyone know anything about it? Our contractor is suggesting...
  9. AtlanticSmith

    Flowers for Algernon Ideas

    OK. As the post says; We're doing Flowers for Algernon. Two hangups - The Maze and the mouse.Has anyone tried a live mouse? I'd like to buy/build a mouse, but in a black box, need the mouse to look realistic-ish. Additionally, I need to have a re-configurable maze, so I can use multiple...